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Building a Bamboo Longboard

Bamboo Longboard

A bamboo longboard can be a great choice for any rider. Bamboo is a renewable resource that is not only good for the environment but is great for skating! Bamboo can be using in building a longboard that is snappy, responsive, and great for carving. Bamboo has a great strength to weight ratio and is often combined with maple or fiberglass to enhance specific performance characteristics. Technically a grass, not a wood, bamboo matures and can be harvested in a fraction of the time as maple, birch, or other commonly used woods. Skateboards have become one of the leading causes of maple deforestation which makes bamboo the eco-friendly choice!

When building a bamboo longboard the primary difference from other layups is often the challenge of sourcing the material.


If it’s simply the bamboo aesthetic you hope to achieve,

Looking to simply buy a bamboo longboard? Many companies make decks that incorporate bamboo. Arbor Skateboards, Sector 9 Skateboards, Rayne Longboards and DB Longboards are just a few of the brands that utilize bamboo in their longboard designs. Other companies, like Bamboo Skateboards, have made the benefits of bamboo as a material the cornerstone of their brand.