Building Skateboard Rails

Skate Deck Grab Rail

Building Skateboard Rails

Making rails is a simple way to freshen up any deck. Rails are perfect for grabs and deck protection when grinding.

A variety of materials can be used for your skateboard rails. I’d recommend using a cheap plastic cutting board for both it’s low cost, durability, and ease of use.

Outline your rails on the cutting board using a tape measure and pencil to guide your cuts. Make sure your lines are parallel throughout. Many sizes will work just fine for a grab rail, but we’d suggest something around 12.5″ long and ½-¾” wide. Once your rails are outlined carefully follow your shape and cut them out using a bandsaw.

Use a measuring tape to mark the center of the rail. Measure 1” towards either end of the rail and mark with an X on either side. These will be your inner two holes. Measure 4” further towards the ends of the rail from these initial two X marks and make two more. These will be your outer holes.

Drill a hole through each X you’ve marked using a “ bit.

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